Mhyles Corporation

Mhyles Corporation is an aggressive and growth-oriented organization that aimss to provide business opportunities specially to new breed of entrepreneurs. The company offers businesses that are legal, profitable and lucrative.

A company that focuses In keeping up with its vision to provide its consumers with high quality standard  products that will be true in its purpose in improving their well being.  As it cares for each consumer, the company concentrates as well in improving the life of each member and distributor by way of providing continuous knowledge about the business, industry and work approaches, training, guidance and support that will lead to transforming  each of them to become independently wealthy individuals who can provide a better future for their families.

A company that believes in Profit with Honor.  A Business with Conscience. A company that provides equal opportunity partnership.


To transform its distributor partners to become independently successful by providing them Equal Opportunity Partnership and make them grow as Mhyles Corporation grows. To transform individual sellers as real distributors.

To provide the company’s partners and end consumers with products of high quality standard, value for money products that can enhance the user’s health and well being.


To become the leading distributor of beauty and wellness products that will satisfy the needs of ultimate consumers while earning their trust and loyalty and make these products as regular household items.

To its partners, Mhyles Corporation aims to fill in the gap between the company and its distributors by promoting oneness, giving out support that will strengthen the foundation of each distributor until they stand on their own and become an independent entrepreneur. Transform each member and distributor as “independently wealthy individuals”.


The Founder, Chairman and CEO of  Mhyles Corporation, Mr. Macario D. Roque Jr. is a self-made Business Entrepreneur. His acquired knowledge, undeniable skills in product distribution and salesmanship, and resilience in embracing challenges were the foundation of the businesses he formed under the MDR Group of Companies. His banner company, Woodhaven Corporation, a distributor of Globe Telecommunications’ and live chicken products in the area of Bulacan is one of the Top 20,000 companies in the Philippines. Other businesses contributing to the growth of MDR Group of Companies include Ritefill Corporation a product distribution company in MaNaVa area, Beaudry Builders a construction company that provided services to National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), Petron, Pizza Hut, Unioil, North Belton Communities, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), and an IT company providing solutions for payroll analytics and human resource information system and inventory management system to name.

In November 2016, the MDR Group of Companies gave birth to its newest venture, Mhyles Corporation, an FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) distribution company. The company is focused on marketing and distribution of its own brand – MIRAKEL, a brand that provides high quality standard, value for money beauty and wellness products. Mr. Roque envisions Mhyles Corporation to be known as a company that provides Equal Opportunity Partnership to its members and distributors with a mission to transfer his acquired expertise in sales and distribution to its members and to transform them to become independently wealthy individuals. According to Mr. Roque, “It may be an impossible dream to some but persistence, resilience and a lot of hard work will be their keys to success.”


The Company, Mhyles Corporation and brand Mirakel were lifted from one of the Chairman’s favorite places – Miracle Mile, in Los Angeles, California, USA. He was fascinated by the transformation of the place from 20-foot-wide dirt road, flanked by oil wells and barley fields at the stretch of Wilshire Boulevard to a busy commercial center.  He was awed by the determination of Miracle Mile’s developer, A.W. Ross, that despite the ridiculing of what he referred to as “Men of Wealth” he pursued his dream and successfully conquered it.

This story has become the Chairman’s inspiration in pursuing his advocacy for Mhyles Corporation:  To teach each member and distributor the art of selling and product distribution, make them an equal opportunity partner and transform them to become independently wealthy individuals.

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